We Don't Sell Them Separately

November 26, 2015

We Don't Sell Them Separately

Relationship means nothing with only one person, so does some gorgeous style of our Rings. We've got the Tag with Born Together Rings. The style makes sense when you bought it together. Wear them with you loved one.

These are the great pieces we won't sell it separately:

2in1 Lover's Ring

Let's make the shape of our feeling and love with each other.



Our Hearts Engagement Ring

It's a nice piece for you and your girl friend. Simple and delicate in design.Each pair is unique and there are no two alike.


Ebony Rings Born Together Valentine Ring

The rings are made from same piece of ebony wood with special natural texture. We saw the wood apart. Polished with sand paper, inlay a sterling ring which we can engrave some meaningful quotes or dates for you.

Engraveable Your Fingerprint On Your Ring

Nothing is more special then one's finger prints, send us the script and we can make your ring totally unique. It's a romantic thing to do in a relationship.

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